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To write is no longer a soft stumbling block to your SEO work

many friends in Wuhan, website optimization software to write text that will be very difficult, or just learning more friends who work in seo that there is no way to start writing the text software. Seo training as a worker in Wuhan, I was unable to move from the initial to the present come in handy. Today, with one billion rupiah education students how to write on the topic of soft paper conducted a study and found many friends, some of the problems frequently encountered, where I just share with you my personal experience, I hope to write software to solve some of the text difficult problem.

a Soft Writing Format

Speaking of soft paper writing format, very simple to understand, just like the site's structure, as well can give a clear written format the feeling. Facilitate access by viewing the article itself, but also let him fast the subject of a clear soft paper, we write the software to understand the text to say. In addition to a nice article, written in standard format just like the human face, is the site you can represent an image problem, if the article written format, a row of the East, West line will make people feel a mess, so feel of your site is very good, we often say that will affect the user experience. I personally think that a good text format should be soft, the first paragraph in the form of an opening statement, both reflect your theme, closing the distance between you and the readers, the only way readers are more interested in reading your article.

two of soft text is innovative, and more life

content is king, the emperor outside the chain. Search engines have to start now more concerned about something within the site, so the site content is also very soft key. Original content has been the search engines love, this is no doubt. But not all original content are welcomed by users, and too many professional articles, or the content is original, but the point is some of the well-known old topic, these types of articles often nobody cares. So we write soft paper, the first content to new, maybe your writing is not very good, but the content you have your own views and ideas of some, such articles are often more likely to win hearts and minds of readers. Readers want to know more look at the article he did not know some of the new point of view. Of course, the view can not be mentioned here some error of principle. Then there are too specialized articles, we come up here to illustrate, not professional article is not good, but there a lot of technical terms, more or less affect the fluidity of your reading, if the article could use more close to life some of the words to express, I think would be better.

three. Run out of ideas, how to write

many friends to write soft paper, writing for a long time, and found what can not write, and finally think of a topic, also found himself written up. If you have this problem, I take a look behind the methods mentioned in the hope that the problem is no longer a problem for you.

1. Comment, share the types of articles

this is very simple to understand, is that some of you see someone write a very good article, some of their own ideas, opinions. Comments on the article, to collate and process the content is often a good original article. Furthermore is the type of sharing, and some of his own knowledge of the new school, or write some personal experience to share with you, but the author of this article requires considerable experience.

2. Tells the story of your website or personal life thoughts

hard to write the article is mainly because there is no material, if it is about some thoughts in their own lives or their own station encountered, bit by bit, this time you will find the article difficult to write it? art from life, not just bare art, a lot of things which are from some minor things in life. Jobs leave the relevant articles on the Internet can be described as the current uproar, so this type of article is just the best seo work or study in a friend learn.

3. For software, data-sharing article

compared to the first two, this last point is most likely to achieve the quality requirements of the original article, since the use of tools or some software or some tips from personal experience, friends, owners are interested in the topic, from which can be very straightforward to learn some tools to use the software. Data sharing is very good, since it is your site's data, which is certainly original, and is also very likely to cause resonance, the reader by making a data comparison, also have a lot of ideas, and occasionally out to compare is very normal things, which is why this type of article popular why.

here today, with all the text on the topic of how to write software to share on this point, hoping to solve all that difficult to write a friend's soft confusion. You can also log on to my personal blog site optimization information.

On the novice owners how to effectively do outside the chain

made outside the chain, that is hard to say easy, it seems not so easy. Some people say that hair is not outside the chain made a few posts in the forum, and more irrigation irrigation things it! But do really effective? I tested, the effect is minimal. Outside the chain to be made good, the most important thing is execution, followed by statistical analysis, and is a personal summary of long-term resources and accumulation.

Why do the most important execution, the first made outside the chain is not so high technical difficulty of living. Take the forum made outside the chain, you can one day send ten, but one day you sent one thousand Well, even today you can send one thousand, you can always stick to what. One can imagine the psychological pressure. Does not mean that every day we go to forum adhere to send so many posts. We do things to pay attention to effectiveness is not it! If you are outside the chain of less than one thousand people outside of a chain, presumably not the psychological balance. At this time we need to focus on things that effect their own right! Statistical capacity at this time we can come in handy, put their hair every day outside the chain of record, the next periodic inspection. Have the effect of continuing, no effect discarded. This will speed up our development of the chain speed and quality of the.

blog now to see a lot of people still do outside the chain, the chain first glance seems to be stayed, in fact, outside the chain simply can not play any role, because most do not use nofollow blog will transfer the weight , in the blog administrator will be found in the case of clean-up, say in a lot of people do not leave links blog is not a civilized behavior. In the forum, too, you just outside the chain of day in a certain number is valid, more than that amount is wasted effort in doing. Forum rules and a lot, if you were blatantly clear chain of fate there. Certainly end connection is deleted, or the account was pulled into the black warning suppression, of course, rule out other than the administrator is a slob. Really not an cost-effective thing.

actually do it outside the chain of quality, the use of classified information independent blog and the effect of preferred site, and do not spend too much thought. Used classified information such as 58 more sites, go to the market, 114 and other sites are outside the chain of higher weight. Some sites are more and more limited, and generally do so when they are outside the chain feel timid, afraid of those jumbled rules. But in doing so outside the chain when you can think it! More difficult outside the chain, the more stable is the kind, the effect is better than those outside the chain of forums more. Think so. Presumably will feel comfort in your heart the natural difficulty of getting smaller and smaller, there is nothing unachievable it! Of course this is not considered outside the chain's more difficult. The platform is generally difficult to sites outside the chain, just registered Could it be a big head. The information needed big and small, Could it be a sweat. Of course, this is outside the chain of the most stable long-lasting effect of the kind, paid and income is directly proportional.

there is a way to do outside the chain of the portal to do outside the chain. This is when you need your literary accomplishment, such as the admin5 will give you a chance to send the chain. A good article in admin5 issued, will be a lot of people click on, there will be a lot of people reproduced. Reproduced stay outside the chain of people, or some leaves. Then your goal is achieved.

it to the new owners who insist with an effective method is to absolute victory. This wedding dress from Shenzhen Original, welcome to reprint, thank network owners, reproduced the same time please leave a link to a friend, thank you.

Zhang Jianfei: blog outside the chain you do not know the secret

believe we all know the importance of the chain, now the way they do outside the chain of a variety of patterns, outside the chain of quality is also a topic of great concern, Zhang Jianfei to comment on this blog outside the chain of view. Another independent and third-party blog blog blog platform divided, definitely better than third-party platform independent blog blog good, I believe webmasters are aware of this. The following blog mainly talk about third-party platform, in fact, are the same way.

First, select a blog

blog in the choice of when we remember not think the other is a certain well-known portal or website, directly registered. Take Netease, the Netease blog Bowen released which links with the nofollow attribute, and such links, there is no weight, when we take care of hard-hard blog, I found is useless, it is not very atmosphere? So we at the very beginning, when they should be checked on the blog, if trees are nofollow, is not a js call and so on.

Second, how to create high-quality blog

most SEOER that third-party platform to build a blog, not so demanding as an independent blog, poor quality on a daily blog to vent, resulting in slower blog included, not the desired effect. In actual fact, strictly speaking, an independent third party blog blog more demanding than, as third-party blog contains slow, often require weeks, even months or more before being included, and if free to find online articles, to insert the key released directly to the word, then wait until the collection time, the search engine has included a number of similar pages, so I would not choose again included, even if included, the weight is given to few. So we are doing this kind of blog, blog, like strict requirements.

Third, the blog set up outside the chain

use the blog to do outside the chain, is commonly used to create a blog, publish articles, anchor text, or do Link to the website to be optimized, the other is outside the sprocket (link wheel). The first is very common and very simple, do not say here, mainly that under the second approach.

outer sprocket concept is introduced from abroad, a foreign national chain strategy, in good condition mentioned above, through the establishment of more than one blog, forming an ordered circle (wheel) links ( Links, content, links) pointing to the main station, in order to improve the weight of the main station. Outside the sprocket has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages: effective, able to quickly increase the weight of the main station, to improve keyword rankings.

Disadvantages: time consuming, it takes some time to maintain the blog, long time to bear fruit.

tips, outer sprocket is best when in a strong degree of competition, or operation of a platform/single station, when used, is also responsible for several stations and over SEOER Recommendation way or to be a directory of blog sites.

Summary: No matter what platform do outside the chain, should do a quality link, quality of information published in the structures outside the chain, while benefits for the enterprise, not free, damaged Enterprise (web site) its image. Article by Zhang Jianfei ( original, please indicate, respect the original !!!

Buy class Website Optimization Case Study of the "handle network"

buy wild type site in China has gradually faded wave of expansion, but at present China still buy as many as 5,000 of the class web site, buy class website in throwing money at advertising to expand their market and also should pay attention to their own site optimization construction, today, the situation on the handle to optimize the network and do an actual case study.

site basic data situation:

1, outside the chain: yahoo outside the chain of more than 80,000, the number of large, but a large part of the link origin is the site navigation station, not the distribution of natural

2, include: Google (200 million), Baidu (37 million) and other major search engines are very large, well-optimized title and content, including there are geographical nature of words, but there are many duplicate page title columns, columns could be improved to optimize the page title

3, web interface design is reasonable, with a very warm color, but the page design of navigation systems and other details are not place

site optimization promotion strategy:

a first for the home side optimization

Home Site logo add the alt attribute, Text for the home page content

title page title optimization, page header text is set to target keywords throughout the site, the entire station should be the target keywords and web site name and the nature of the most relevant keywords combination. Amended as follows: before optimization: buy site handle network Beijing - China's largest buy site - Beijing buy Daquan optimized: handle network - China's largest buy site

goal of the current web page description of key words which are too many words, what would be better streamlined. Before optimization:

Home Site logo at the bottom add the alt attribute, Text for the home page content

Second, Local Page Optimization

optimization part master part on keywords, such as cosmetics buy, buy, and so the hotel tour, the current network handle a large part page part of the title page is not added to the channel name of the channel, resulting in most of the channel page with the same title, lost a lot of long tail keywords

geographical nature of the columns page, to optimize the geographical nature of the part to optimize the composition of the city plus column keyword , buy cosmetics, such as Beijing, Beijing hotels and other tourist buy

Third, the site content page optimization

locate a good long tail keywords for each product, statistical a long tail keyword list, set up websites within the chain, then the relevant blogs, forums outside the chain of hair, increase the number of long tail keywords and ranking, to the traffic through the long tail

locate a good buy products target words, buy the product because each is different, so set on the target words have to make distinction, it is important to set the title in the api, so that when the page is buy navigation site crawl, can bring a lot of external links

content page directly optimize product keywords, such as hotels Retail price 189 yuan of GreenTree Hotel Wuhan is only 99 yuan

on urban content page optimization, to distinguish whether the product with the city's character, examples are as follows:

with a city's character, the local characteristics of the product, use "city name + content" component keywords, such as Beijing Old sour soup pot double package Tuangou Jia 68 yuan;

no urban characteristics, there is no regional characteristics of the product do not need to add cities, such as Nokia Tuangou Jia 500, and do not need to buy Nokia written Beijing price of 500 yuan

content page with all the pictures on the alt attribute, according to the expression of each image to add the appropriate description of the different meaning, not all the same so the description of the content page keywords in anchor well text, the appropriate link to the section navigation, and other related products, buy, such as the emergence of Nokia, Nokia on the link to the relevant page

four sites the city page optimization

cities channel home, making a good target keywords, such as: Shanghai buy website, handle online sea channel home logo to buy the city's alt attribute is City Channel Page Title

five , navigation system optimization

position navigation, more serious problem is that not all pages throughout the web site navigation design position, all the columns page, add content pages should position navigation, Navigation Content Example: handle Home>> Beijing handle buy>> Hotel>> Hanting chain special 100 yuan

the main navigation, there is no sub-primary and secondary sections, the first is more difficult to optimize, and then the user experience is bad, the proposed subdivision into the buy baidu navigation, as, for example, is divided into food and beverage, entertainment, living, online shopping, and then divided two sections, so that the user is also looking comfortable at the same time multi-page section also many more relevant information for each part, more favorable site optimization

sub navigation, now buy the majority of sites are not an effective use of sub-navigation, the proposed sub-navigation in two parts, part one Navigation, recommended the city put the other part

city navigation, it is recommended at the bottom of each page, which is the sub-navigation position with City Navigator

six sites outside the chain Optimization

optimization focused on making the site outside the chain of distribution is more natural, wider coverage

blog, forums and more of these common method is not to mention

good web api, submitted to the relevant site navigation buy up

submitted to the Web site, which handle network to do the work well

buy sites with relevant inter-chain, improve Web site related, such as the United States and groups, and other

cooperation with other discount type sites, such as net 51 rebate, because such sites closer to life, users are more concerned about love, but is also associated with the buy site.

seven other optimization

produced 404 pages, the current input error page to jump directly to page

browse relevant: in increase in the content page should be on the right side "view of the product user also browse those", so to guide the user to pay attention to other people about products, and increase sales increase website pv

related products : the right of each product is at present some of the activities of information, related to the product should be added to other products, such as Nokia mobile phone, the right to add some htc, apple mobile phone board-related information, so as to make up the association between the product

analysis above is the case today, for website optimization, everyone has their own ideas, communicate with friends welcome to explore. This network by my original Aika Ma, Welcome to reproduce this, but please keep the link, thank you.

SEO's believe it or not those things I do not believe you anyway

former Ministry of Railways spokesman sentence: "Believe it or not, anyway, I believed. "It was an overnight success. 2011 network can be called one of the hottest sentences. Today I do not analyze this event, but want to own this sentence leads to a little bit of experience doing SEO, SEO is the process in some you can not easily believe those things. In short Believe it or not, anyway, I do not believe.

one: Believe it or not the use of tools can bring you high quality and stability of the chain

is outside the chain are each SEOer is contested. For the construction of the chain, I believe that each has its own method SEOer. But nothing less than the principle is the only one that requires you to adhere to. We often see many sites on the Internet advocating them in the chain-building tools can do much outside the chain, how high the quality of the chain. Although some tools is the ability to build outside the chain, but you have not thought about, so the quality can easily outside the chain of high? Also the site outside the chain of surge or drastically reduce the impact of a site is very large , the search engine will think you are cheating.

II: Believe it or not you use a wide range of optimization of product Baidu useful

we all know, Baidu is "favoring" their own products , contains information of their products faster, better ranking, and stable. Because of these little, Baidu has been our products SEOer aspire to do a good place outside the chain. As a leading domestic search engine Baidu also know the advantages of their products caused the problem, easily lead to massive spam. So Baidu audit of their own products is also very strict. If you find a link to your release too much information will not only delete the account closure, the site is going to affect you. For example, previous stage I optimize my site to use Baidu experience, made a lot of experience with the link, you can find that information is removed the next day, the reason is that with too many outside the chain, wasted effort even for a day , and plummeted to the site outside the chain caused no small impact.

Three: Believe it or not there would have been of a collection

a site collection is a measure of quality of the site is a large indicators. Many owners find themselves included in the site will continue to decrease over time, which may be anxious webmasters. Hard to do their own collection appeared to be less light, why Baidu included will be deleted? Is actually quite simple your article is not original or quality too low. Search Search engine algorithms are constantly updated with the user experience, if an article is not original or no value, although the beginning of the search engine included, but later they will be deleted. So webmasters do not think it will have been included, webmasters should be committed to improving the content and readability of original.

above is what we do optimization prone to misunderstanding, and understand the road to go further, we have only to distinguish those who are really false, the road to SEO the right direction move forward. This article reproduced from the original Swiss Army knife need to indicate the source, thank you!

Beware of sites are small details right down to start a preventive measure

often see some website owners complain that they finally scrambled up it was not long down the right, often see an article complaining about second-hand car network Xiaobian Youyou will reply the phrase "Do not fail to find excuse, but to find a successful way "website is down right is not terrible, horrible thing is not to find reasons to complain about their not as good as from their own search engine to find a cause. In fact, nothing on the site was down the right that a few small details, attention to detail is a preventive measure, under which, the following 11 under Brief:

one, the site was not to frequent revision

Web site means that every revision of a framework for the entire page, so change the code once. This case for a search engine is almost a new Web site, it must take the time to understand again, since it is a natural degree of goodwill to new understanding will decline, before the weight will be a temporary recovery, until a time after the assessment may be recovered. So you suggest novice owners in mind before you intend to do a good web site about the direction of revision determined not necessary in the case of the firm not to revision.

Second, the title was not to frequent changes

Jianzhan lot owners in the industry before the keyword search index does not do a good job of investigation, in Jianzhan casually, they also put up a headline. Website shape after almost made some other keywords in the search engine index higher, greater search volume, so put on your site title keywords are replaced, this is equivalent to a face-lift, the search engine is different from the person, people can identify Ji Minjia before and after plastic surgery, but it must start from scratch in different search engines to understand your points, so I do not have difficulty, down the right. So it must be determined before Jianzhan good title, even if built after the one-time changes have to be modified, must not always go to modify.

Third, the web server to stable

web server option to choose not only fast but also selected speed stable, if the site where the server is unstable always "out of business", visit each engine spiders when they are admitted by no access to empathy like the next dinner in a restaurant you want to go to five or six times, but all doors shut, you go to the 7th how much desire? server instability, engine spiders can not access the site regularly as it will be unfriendly, it's temper may be not so good, it directly back to you down the right.

four Links Ningquewulan

link exchanges with other websites is an integral part of optimizing your site. High weight to find some sites you can do much to promote friendly links to your website by ranking ahead, but the link is a lasting work, you have to check every day to do the Friends of the chain have not been down those sites have the right to be K situation, if you check other sites to be search engine down the right or the whole site page by K is not included plucking, then you have to remove the first time the other Friends of the chain. Otherwise, the search engine will be considered a "party" was involved with down the right punishment.

five sites outside the chain step by step

SEO industry has been circulating the "content is king, the chain for the Emperor" is the eternal truth, One can imagine the importance of the chain. Many people think that quantitative change can be achieved a qualitative leap in the number of external links do, the more important the higher web Quan, this is right, long-term adherence to do outside the chain, can increase the number of more heavy promotion website ranking website Quan, but a large fat is not one to eat out of the weight is not a site created by the day, you short crazy hair outside the chain, the chain surge in the number of search engines is very easy to attract the eye, and can easily be seen as cheating, once as for the cheating, the site was down the right is inevitable, so do outside the chain should be gradual, not a one-time increase too much.

hope the above can play a novice some help! Literary grace is not good, but they are a knock out word for word, well do not spray, what points need to add welcome message published ! this paper by the second-hand car network heart Submission you! reproduced leave the source! Thanks !!!

Affect the site of several factors Baidu weight

Many people try every means to increase the weight of your site, outside the chain of hair every day, every day, update the article. But the site has not been a good ranking. Traffic is not very high, so many new people to lose confidence in seo. Baidu's Web site said the weight, it is actually a very general concept, we can not use a specific number to measure it. We need to look at the site through a number of factors the weight. The following sub-site to talk about the following weights:

one, Baidu snapshots

many people value their own website snapshot. Link for snapshot of conditions even when the place first. A snapshot of what is new is that the high weight. In fact, this view is wrong. We do not doubt that many of the high weight of a snapshot of the new site. But new does not necessarily mean a snapshot of your site Baidu high weight. Your site can only show you a snapshot of the new site may be high weight.

Second, the collection of speed

site Baidu speed is a measure of a website included the weight of a factor is not high. Some websites publish new content to wait a month or a week, to be site. However, some website content, a few minutes, even to the site immediately. This site contains instructions quickly, it may be the high weight of the website.

three, contains the number of

also a measure of the number of sites included in the weight of a factor. For example: There are two sites A and B, has 10 000 pages, A site contains 9000, B site contains 1000, then A weight of the site may be higher than B. You can also say that the site contains more than, for example: your site is only 100 pages. But a collection of 90 pages, then your site is included in more than 90%, this ratio is also high. So your site may also be sites of high weight.

four, site first

site is the first site to your web site, your page ranked first. Many people think that is not the first or can not find the site Home page, your site will down the right. I think so. One down the right site, it's certainly not high weight.

five, domain first

domain is the first check your anti-chain site of Baidu (Baidu related domains. Note: Many people's domain it is called is not the same.), your home is not the first, then I personally think that your site is likely down the right, or out of the optimization problem. Especially not in the top two. Therefore, we should always concerned about the domain.

VI website contraction

so-called search your site search is the middle part of the site. If not the first, or at home can not find. Then the weight of your site must not high. For example: I just optimized a small station, we found in the Baidu site in the middle part of the bstjss, if not the first or in the Baidu home page or can not find my site's home page. Then the weight of my site is not necessarily high.

seven sites full title search

is in Baidu search your website title , do not remove any of the full title page. If if your home is not the first, or find the Baidu home page. I'm sorry, your site may be the weight is not high. Here is the site for example:

eight, site ranking

we optimized in order to do what? not just to have a good ranking, more traffic? So, if your site is ranking well in Baidu. That the weight of your site are not necessarily high.

the above, we see the weight of a site when a snapshot from Baidu, included speed, the site contains more than, site first, domain first, site search, site full title search, site ranking, etc. and other factors considered. That suggested that there was wrong to say, welcome that.

reproduced, please indicate the source: Articles net